»Due to high minerals, mineral contents, Chlorine contents etc. when we regularly use these types of water it will damage hair to a much extend
»Hormonal changes in teen age in pregnancy menopause etc.

»Hereditary reasons

»Heat of head

»Scalp structure

»Anxiety, tension etc.

»Intake of much drugs

»Using chemicals strong medicated oils, straightening of hair, using of gels, coloring hair, using shampoos, soap etc.

»Working in very hot climate, exposure of hair in drying or heating etc

»Poor intake of food or excess of food.

»Sudden loss of weight or sudden increase of weight.

»Not keeping hair clean in a hygienic way

»Drinking less water

»Accumulation of male hormones

»Using dirty combs

»Using other Towels.

»Fungus infections

»Auto immune diseases.

»Bad habits like pulling hair

»Infections like lice

»Combing hair in opposite direction to root
»Putting heavy weight in scalp eg. Heavy helmet

»Loss of Sleep

»Thyroid gland disfuctions

»Radiation side effects

»Bad habits like drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco.
How can we rectify this?
At first we can discuss about some commonly asked questions about hair fall, pre-mature grey hair and dandruff.

Why hair fall Increasing?
There are many reasons for hair fall.
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M h homeo , a prestigious homeopathic treatment center established 25 years ago located at kowdiar,trivandrum , south India. dr mirza hussain , a well known homeo physician who started this center had done extensive research on homeopathic beauty products.he has formulated a number of products which can be used safely for cosmetic purposes 

We are giving Moisturizer like solution for very dry thin hair. It should be applied after applying above said drops. For proteins therapy we are giving a Henna based preparation containing natural proteins (Biotin). In this Henna powder we mix “Shikakai” for cleaning. Also we mix Arnica, Montana etc. These are all natural herbs. So absolutely non- allergic. This Henna powder should be thoroughly applied over scalp and hair once in a week. It is very easy to prepare. Just put enough Henna powder (ie, Henna protein mix) in a bowl. Pour boiling water, make it into a paste. Cool it down for 20-30 minutes. After wards add one or two aw – egg white to it .Then mix and apply. Leave it for 3 hours .Then wash it away with clean water. This will give you a protein- coat in hair and a silky – smooth hair.



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3. How can we control dry- skin?

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5. How can we remove warts, fungus, molluscum etc?
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